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Hey, I'm Kira! Resident redhead of your new go-to design studio...

Kira Hyde Creative - The Launch Gals

I’m the biz gal who spends her days working one-on-one with savvy business women.

It’s what I love to do, and it’s what I am passionate about. Which is why I make it my mission to deliver unforgettable experiences.

Through these client-focused experience we will uncover your brand vision, and elevate your online presence with strategy and kick-ass design.

I specialise in personal, purposeful and powerful designs, that capture the essence of an individual’s story and represents that story with a beautiful aesthetic.

Essentially, I help women launch their dreams. 

So that is exactly what you’ll get. 

YOu're a savvy biz gal,

You have a dream & it's time to launch it!

Kira Hyde Creative

Let me guess?

You know what you want, you’re ready to launch, and you need someone to
bring your vision life. You need a beautiful brand or website that says, ‘Hey world, I’m what you’ve been looking for,’ but you’re a gal on the go and time-is-a-ticking!

That’s why you’re here.

You’ve done the hard work, but you need those final touches and you need it done yesterday. You’re an experience lover and a savvy shopper, so you won’t compromise on quality – but you can’t wait 2 or 3 months to launch your dreams.

That’s why I’m here. 

I’m the tea drinking, lipstick wearing, brand strategist; empowering female entrepreneurs to nail their branding and smash their biz goals. Because I’m the gal who overthinks, I’m the gal who dives deep and strategically creates brands that attracts and speaks directly to your ideal client/s.

I’m the big picture gal who obsessives over detail and works her but off to not only deliver you perfection, but - deliver it to you within 2 weeks! 


As well as working with savvy biz women,
I created this business for two reasons:

1. So I can be my creative-self everyday and
2. So I can follow my passions, wherever they may lead. 



Client lovin'

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Hey gal, it's time to stop dreaming...

Let's launch your new brand, yesterday.