We are an online design studio

But I’m proud to say we’re also a
local Bendigo Agency...


Local Brands we’ve worked with

 I may be a traveller,

But, I always come back home...

Kira Hyde Creative Bendigo

I was not a Bendigo born & bred…
I chose Bendigo, and it chose me.

I remember my first ever glimpse of Bendigo. I was eleven years old and sitting in the front passenger seat, with the windows down and the cool breeze through my curly red hair.

I remember driving down the middle of the main street, seeing all the old beautiful buildings, and then something magical happened - the autumn trees started loosing their leaves on either side of the street.

It was the most surreal feeling, after growing up in the hot and humid Cairns FNQ, for the first time ever, I felt like I was really home.

So when I was 17, I moved on my own to Bendigo, got my degree in Media & Communications at La Trobe, and Bendigo became my home. Whilst I’ve lived in England, Germany and travelled all over the world since then, Bendigo has always been the place I come back to.

- Kira Hyde, Founder of KH Creative


I always knew I wanted to make a difference, I just never knew how until I launched my own business.

So the #khdifference is simple, I help creative’s in biz launch their next big step.

The KH Local Difference

But this difference goes beyond just business…

Kira Hyde Creative & Jo from Alluvia Financial

I endeavour to make the journey into business purposeful, beautiful, systemised and more passion-filled.

I do things a little differently to others in the local space, because I have a unique point of difference. When KH Creative was born in early 2017, I was working solo, yet making a BIG impact in the online space.

Whilst also designing for my growing client list, I spent extra hours each and every day honing my skills, creating marketing funnels, building functional websites and creating systems through social media and Squarespace to automate the processes in business that take up too much time.

Not only did I launch start-up bloggers into a space where they were getting 20k blog hits in the first month but I helped online stores achieve their first 100 orders, and I gave established business owners a minimum of 10 hours back each week through systems and automation tools hosted on their own website.

This is the power of the online space, and it’s a power I made sure to build a solid understanding and foundation for. So now, year after year I can continually grow my skills and offer them back to my #khclients.

Some of our favourite Bendigo / Regional Victoria #khclients


The online space is ever changing, and your business needs to change along with it.

But, I believe that you should never sacrifice your vision in order to do so. Let us help adapt the online space to suit you and your needs.