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Everyone has that special something.

The thing that lights them up, and makes other people say, ‘oh my gosh – how do you do that!’ Our thing is empowering female entrepreneurs through branding and design. We bring their vision to life and make their launch gal dreams come true.

If you’re the powerhouse we know you are, you’re looking for a brand strategist. Someone who understands your passion, your purpose, and how to attract your ideal clients through expert branding.

Which is why we are offering exclusive sessions so you can get that helping hand and kick start to a strong and purposeful brand.

So take this opportunity to book a call with Kira and the KH Team, and join us for a Virtual Cuppa where we talk all about you, and help you get some clarity on your brand direction.


Who is your virtual cuppa with?

Catch up with Jess or Kira and start dreaming big!

Kira Hyde

Owner, Designer & Brand strategist

Hey there, Kira here! I’m the tea drinking, lipstick wearing, brand strategist & designer; empowering female entrepreneurs to nail their branding and launch their biz goals.

Jess Willman - Kira Hyde Creative

Brand Strategist & Project Manager

Hey, I’m Jess! My passion is helping women navigate the online space; coaching female entrepreneurs to build their empires from the kitchen bench or the coffee shop.