Kira Hyde Creative

Let me tell you a story…

Hey there, Kira here!

I’ve made some pretty smart choices and business decisions to be able to live this life. I can guarantee you, it ain’t just luck!

I’ve always, always been passionate about multiple streams of income, and I feel so blessed that I’ve had people surrounding me who have drummed into me that DIVERSITY is key. Putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t the smartest idea!

So while my passion and main income earner is my Brand Strategy & Design Studio, (and I have BIG plans for the diversification and growth of that baby happening as we speak…) I definitely have some other ‘back-ups’ that I can rely on. Things that tick away in the background, and drip-feed money into my account with very little input from me (They need to be pretty self-sufficient, I’m a busy gal ya know!).

In fact, by simply utilising the tools and platforms I already use every day, I’ve been able to maximise my time, audience and reach, whilst generating a passive income.

I truly believe that whether you’ve got your own biz, corporate career, full-time or part-time job as your main gig, you gotta think outside the square, look at the big picture and DIVERSIFY the ways that you’re earning money…


So, are you interested in diversifying your income?

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