12 Month Retainer

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12 Month Retainer

from 500.00 every month for 1 year

You’re a savvy gal with a dream...


Let me guess? You know what you want, you’re ready to up level, and you need someone to bring your vision life and make it super easy in the process. You need an ‘in-house’ designer who can be your go-to, but you’re a gal with a bottom line to think about and you know time- is-a-ticking!


You’ve done the hard work to create a successful biz, but you need that constant and con- sistent professional touch to everything you share online and offline. You’re an experience lover with a healthy team mindset, so you won’t compromise on quality or personal connec- tion – but you also just need someone who will get the job done.



Retainer Experiences...

The Experiences that will Uplevel Your Brand

  1. Fill out the enquiry form below to receive all the information and finer-details about your ‘in-house designer’ relationship on retainer.

  2. Choose your ‘in-house’ experience. The great thing about these experiences is that they cover absolutely anything and everything you need from a designer and brand strategist to help you uplevel your biz.

  3. Pay your first month and secure your spot above!

  4. Wait for the KHTeam to call or email you directly to confirm.

  5. Receive your Welcome Package! Within 48 hours we will create your custom KH Retainer folders in G-Drive and your official Welcome Page with all the deets, briefs and reports.

  6. Pop the kettle on! You’ve just partnered up with your new go-to designer and it’s time to start dreaming big for your biz UP LEVEL (and nothing works better than a cuppa warm goodness!)

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Savvy Start-up

Are you a start-up, small business owner, or entrepreneur whose savvy with their budget? Do you need quality design and strategy from an experienced designer who can offer you all the day-to-day deliverables you will need? Perfect!

This package is per month, with a minimum of 12 months.

Retainer KH Experience - Savvy Hustler

Savvy Hustler

Are you a hustle-queen? You know, the kind of gal who has had to work damn hard to achieve the level of success you currently have? Well, I know exactly what you need - you need some- one to take the load of so you can FINALLY start thinking about what’s next and take that leap to where you wanna be. You need a brand strategist AND designer who can really dive into your business and start launching the dreams you put on the back burner. The time to up level is now, so what are you waiting for?!

This package is per month, with a minimum of 12 months.

Retainer KH Experience - Savvy Powerhouse

Savvy Powerhouse

Oh hey Powerhouse! I can tell you’re not messing around. You’ve been in biz for a while and you know who you are, what you want and where you’re going. As you’ve grown, you’ve realised you need to step up your game and you’re ready to launch the next phase of your biz. You need expert branding and design to elevate your brand and ooze professionalism. You love strategic design and a personalised experience, but you don’t have time to waste, especially when you’re the big dreamer who is constantly coming up with new ideas and projects. You need an in-house designer who is going to bring them to life in a BIG way, without limitations.

This package is per month, with a minimum of 12 months.


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