Hey lovely!

I think it’s time to update the foundations and solidify your brand!

Now I get it, when you decide to launch a business it tends to be a race against the clock, hitting that launch date and getting the visuals, the online and the offers ready to go are your priority. In your mind you think, ‘let’s just get the ball rolling and I can always adapt and change my ideas later!’

Let me tell you what usually happens... Launch day comes and you’re surprised you didn’t get a bigger reception or that potential customers did come knocking but they left before leaving a note at the door. You don’t understand what you did wrong and your confidence starts dwindling. At this stage you have a few options,

  1. Have a netflix binge night and drown your sorrow in a cuppa tea (or bottle of wine!)

  2. Invest into experts who can improve your reach, generate more leads and make a few sales

  3. OR back peddle and take a birds-eye-view of your brand, identify the problems and make strategic fixes.

Can you guess which one I’d recommend?

Whether you are still a startup or you’ve been in the game for awhile, problems and missed opportunities will keep happening, it’s a given in business. BUT there are simple solutions that will help you uncover the foundation and rediscover why you’re doing this.

You need to make your selling process more effective, your customer experience more personal and your own passions more confident, all by simply solidifying your brand.

So, regardless of you skill level or stage in your business, what I’m about to give you will serve you now and in the future. The best part of the Audit Your Brand quiz, is actually what comes next.

Kira Hyde Creative

If you didn’t know already,
I’m Kira!

Your go-to brand strategist & designer, and the owner of this studio you are about to call home. I work with women in biz every single day and I help them launch from the brand strategy, to the visuals, to the online and beyond. I’m the lipstick-wearing and tea-drinking gal that helps you uncover your goals and launch your dreams. I know, it’s a big feat to claim but you’ll just have to trust me and my team to help you get to where you need to be.

Which is why, I’m giving you your very own Foundation Audit! It’s a combination of strategies and checklists that are going to help you take this next step in solidifying a brand that is going to work FOR you.

So go on, check your emails and you’ll find it waiting for you!

Oh but that’s not all... Once you’ve had time to go through the workbook, I’d love to invite you to chat with the KH team and book in your complementary Virtual Cuppa!

We are big on helping business owners and entrepreneurs LAUNCH and UP-LEVEL with savvy strategies and a helping hand. So don’t hesitate to book your Cuppa & Chat because we’d be happy to help you take that next step!