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Hey there, Kira here! I’m the resident redhead of your new go-to design studio...

Kira Hyde Creative - The Launch Gals

I'm the heart, mind & resident redhead behind KH Creative, a design studio for creatives, small businesses and online entrepreneurs...

I’m the tea drinking, lipstick wearing, brand strategist; empowering biz owners and entrepreneurs to nail their branding, launch their next step, smash their biz goals and uplevel, always.

Because I’m the gal who overthinks, I’m the gal who dives deep and strategically creates brands that attracts and speaks directly to your ideal clients.

I’m the big picture gal who obsessives over detail and works her but off to not only deliver you a purposeful and powerful brand, but - help make your journey into business purposeful and seamless.

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    As well as working with savvy biz women,
    I created this business for two reasons:

    1. So I can be my creative-self everyday and
    2. So I can follow my passions, wherever they may lead. 



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    The creative minds who share the vision

    Meet the KH Team!


    Pssst… There is something you should really know about the KH Team!

    this is the
    KH difference.

    Each and every one of the KH Team has something special about them. They are all ordinary women, from different walks of life, who have a skill and a story to share. That is why I chose them, but it’s also why they chose me.

    These women each have their own businesses, but when it comes to our KH clients, they serve under one brand and one mission; they become the KH Team and help business owners launch & uplevel with ease.

    Jess Curtis - Kira Hyde Creative


    Hey, I’m Jess! My passion is helping women achieve their goals. I’ve found a home in KH Creative where I can utilise my true passions and talents whilst empowering women to live out their dreams.

    I’m also a mumma of two gorgeous kiddies and a wife to one hunky officer of the law. My loved ones describe me as the loving heart at the centre of our family. I have a knack for taking charge, I love spreading joy every where I go and one of my hobbies is creating beautiful things, spaces and events! (Last year I planned my dream wedding!)

    Her role in KH Creative: Jess is Kira’s Right-Hand-Gal. She does all the Admin, Project Management and she works 1:1 with our KH Clients on achieving their Social Media goals!

    Michelle Cail


    Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a mother, wife, and homemaker of Gingerhouse Photography (aka. owner, but it doesn’t sound right)

    My photography career was born at a time when my own life was becoming more and more enriched with moments and milestones that needed to be captured.

    It was from this, that my personal obligation to women experiencing these moments,, came to be. What started with a love of my family and creativity, opened up an entire way of living my life and following my passions.

    Her role in KH Creative: Michelle takes all our KH Branding Photos (yep, everything on this site!), as well as all our KH Client Central Victoria shoots.

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    Hey gal, it's time to stop dreaming...

    Let's launch your new brand, yesterday.