How to Create a Contact Form in Squarespace

A custom form can be used for many different site-wide purposes. You can use them to ensure that your website visitors can easily contact you with questions or queries, or for creating opt-in forms that allow you to build an email list.

What's even better, you'll have a beautiful and easy to use form that goes straight to your inbox!

Form submissions can be easily sent to your email address, Google Drive, or a MailChimp subscriber list. By default, form submissions will be sent to the email address that the site owner has registered - Squarespace makes it easy!

Here is a simple video tutorial that will walk you through adding a contact form to an already established page:

Or, here's a step-by-step written tutorial:

First, hover over the area you'd like to place the form and on the left side, click the tear drop.

Squarespace Contact Form Tutorial

Scroll through the pop up until you find Form and click to drop into place, or click 'Search Content Blocks' and type Form.

Squarespace Contact Form Tutorial

Edit the form by typing in the text boxes or clicking EDIT. 

Squarespace Contact Form Tutorial

If you'd like to add an extra field, then click the ADD FORM FIELD.

Squarespace Contact Form Tutorial

In the top right corner you'll see Build, Storage and Advanced, click Storage and make sure that you've connected the form to where you'd like it to be sent to. In this example I'm sending it to my email as that's where I prefer all my enquires to go!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.04.37 PM.png

Then click on Advanced and edit your Button Label and Post-Submit Message. 

Squarespace Contact Form Tutorial

Once you've double checked all your settings, click apply and your new contact for will be added!

Squarespace Tutorial

Make sure you click save in the top left hand corner of the page and you're done!

Once you get a bit more comfortable with the drag and drop, you'll be able to add more modifications to the page and really make it your own!

- Kira, your go-to brand strategist and designer x

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Kira Hyde

I'm a Brand and Web Designer for Creatives' in Biz.