How To Invite a Site Contributor in Squarespace

There are many reasons why you might need a to provide someone permission to access the bank-end of your site, and there is ONLY one way to do it safely. 

By inviting someone to access your site, you are allowing them access to particular areas that may be important, so it's just as important to make sure you're inviting them in a secure way. For example, you may invite a staff member to the back-end so they can do the product uploads for your online store. In this case you would allow them permission to ONLY the online store, not the billing section where your card details are stored.

Watch below for a video tutorial that walks you through the correct permissions: 

Or, read below for a step-by-step tutorial:

Start by opening your Squarespace back-end and click SETTINGS in the dashboard. 

How to invite a site contributor to Squarespace

The click PERMISSIONS in your settings and you'll be directed to a similar page to the one on your right. 

How To Invite a Site Contributor in Squarespace
How To Invite a Site Contributor in Squarespace

You'll see two options, ADD BASIC AUTHOR (eg. adding an Author that writes blog posts) and INVITE CONTRIBUTOR (eg. Inviting staff, team members, consultants, hired services etc.)

Click INVITE CONTRIBUTOR, then you'll see the below page. On your right you'll see the options that you can assign each contributor. It's extremely important that you ONLY provide your contributor the appropriate permissions. 

How To Invite a Site Contributor in Squarespace
How To Invite a Site Contributor in Squarespace


If you need to invite a staff member to manage your store to complete invoices and product uploads, you would give them the 'Store Manager' permissions.

If you have hired a marketing/advertisement agency, you would give them permission to your 'Reporting' section with your site analytics. 

In both the above examples, each situation would NOT require you to give them access to your billing, so you would keep that box unchecked. 

Using this correctly is an essential way to keep your site secure and safe. 

Once you've filled out their name and email address, then click SAVE and they will receive an automatic email to confirm their permissions. 

You can reverse this permission anytime. 


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