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Kase Media Interview with Kira Hyde
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Kase Media Interview - Kira Hyde

"We go big. No playing small. And we don’t waste time." - Storm Ellyatt

Kase Media Branding - Kira Hyde Creative

Q: Tell us a bit about your new business - 'who' is Kase Media?

A: Kase Media is a content marketing company which specialises in scaled online distribution. We implement digital marketing and social media strategy that gives businesses one-to-one scaled visibility.

We go big. No playing small. And we don’t waste time. With strategy, we scale at lightning speed. Businesses have the tools, and we have the collective experience and influence to deliver amplified brand power and presence. 


Q: What is your main objective for this branding? 

A: To be out of this world. We want the branding to be like – “I don’t get it, but I WANT IT” E.g. UBER Branding. It doesn’t scream for attention, it just gets attention. We want to peak curiosity, create intrigue and frame the premium level of our work. The goal is for our brand to look exclusive. Our logo needs to command the price tag and the opportunity to work with us.


Q: How would you describe the voice of your brand?

A: Real-time, powerful, human, conceptual, social. If our brand was a person, it would be Tony Robbins – heart-centric entrepreneur, no-nonsense, strong, completely owns his genius. 


Q: What makes your business different to your competitors? 

A: We empower and enable businesses to become their own media and marketing sales team through content. We are able to provide businesses insights from a customer perspective,  and then apply powerful strategic and creative production for real time impact and velocity.

We immerse ourselves as a channel to connect the customer and the client. We scale visibility and profile by leveraging fans to find their target market.

Do you want to see Kase Media in Action? 

(Their website is still being built but until then, be sure to follow them on Instagram. )


Kira Hyde

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