#KHStudy for Miss King (Perth's Leading Blowdry Bar & Hair Salon Website Reveal)

#KHStudy for Miss King (Perth's Leading Blowdry Bar & Hair Salon Website Reveal)

When you’re not tech savvy, but you still want a website that is functional, manageable and totally gorg! Sometimes the a business owner just needs a site that’s easy to use without the bells and whistles… BUT at the same time, they are a stylish brand who NEEDS to set the stage with a beautiful design.

#KHStudy for Discover What's Possible (Branding + Social Media Reveal)

#KHStudy for Discover What's Possible (Branding + Social Media Reveal)

Proof that great things can get greater with age! Not long ago I worked with a pretty incredible lady on this project! What started as just the KH Branding Experience turned into a relationship built on trust, mentorship and some really amazing dnm's in my favourite regional Victorian town, Castlemaine.

#KHStudy for Xali (Brand Reveal + Interview)

Xali - Brand Board - Kira Hyde Creative

Q: Where did the idea to start an online store for style pieces begin?

A: I work in an online department, dealing with marketplaces & websites for a company that challenges the status quo. After gaining experience in this area I was inspired to create my own brand and website for style pieces!


Q: What do you hope that this new venture will allow you to gain?

A: I hope this new venture will allow me to gain further experience in this continuously growing online tech fuelled world that we live in.


Q: How are you managing to be a full-time student and planning your own business launch?

A: I have to admit that it has taken a long period of time to get everything up and running from when I first had the idea. Managing and prioritising time prior to the website launch was a big factor. I honestly think it has been the best thing for me doing both at once! Having a new project to be passionate and excited about only gives me more of a drive to get my assessment done and finally finish my last year of Uni with a bang!



Q: Do you think your university studies will help you grow this business into a career?

A: Yes, I definitely think my university studies will help me grow this business into a career.

I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Economics so there are various aspects that can be applied to running a successful website.


Q: What are you looking forward to most over the next year?

A: I am most looking forward to seeing how people react to the new brand and website.

I know it will take time, but so excited to see how the brand progresses over the next year!



Q: What was your favourite part about working with Kira in her Branding Experience?

A: I cannot fault Kira one bit! From the very beginning Kira was keen to help me create  a brand that I could have only ever dreamed of doing by myself. My favourite part about working with Kira was that she would always go above and beyond with anything from the designs to customer service! She was always so helpful and had the same vision, wanting to create a brand that would stand out from the crowd! Working with another talented woman in business only helped me take my goals and brand to greater heights, making me realise that this is actually possible! Thanks so much Kira!