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Amity Created Interview with Kira Hyde
Amity Created Interview with Kira Hyde
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Amity Created's new website is LIVE on Shopify after her Web Design Experience mid-last year. Daniella is a beautiful soul with a love of all-things-tea. She is also a wife and a business owner who has found her purpose in the small moments of comfort and clarity. Her business Amity Created has the most stunning range of tea cups and saucers that you will ever see, as well as a collection of other pieces for the ultimate teas lovers!


"She probably didn’t realise it then, but it was because of those afternoons, that my obsession for tea, my inner desire to escape with a few mindful sips, began..." - Daniella Libri

Daniella Libri Interview with Kira Hyde

Check out our Q&A with Daniella about her Web Design Experience

Daniella talks about her personal journey of finding clarity, happiness and purpose. She shares the struggles she faced leaving her stable teaching career to pursue her one true passion - tea...

Amity Created - Web Design Experience

Q: Where did your passion for tea begin?

A: Tea has always been a constant in my life. Something that has comforted me, calmed me, helped me to see clearly.

When I try to think back to where it all began, the thing that stands out the most to me is coming home after a long day at school, it had been raining and I was exhausted. When I walked through the doors I could smell something had been freshly baked in the oven and Mum would be standing behind the bench waiting for us. A smile on her face, a cake stand full of fresh muffins and cups of warm milky tea for me and my sisters.

I remember feeling an enormous amount of comfort from those moments, comfort from the tea, peace in the quiet and safety in the calm atmosphere created by my Mother.

She probably didn’t realise it then, but it was because of those afternoons, that my obsession for tea, my inner desire to escape with a few mindful sips, began.  


Q: Did you struggle with the decision to leave teaching and commit to being a full-time business owner?

A: I had been teaching English & history for 5 years before I hit my wall. Originally I was convinced that teaching was the right path for me, it felt good and I genuinely enjoyed it. But, as my love for teacups and design grew, I really had to stop and reassess where I was headed.

By the end of 2017 I came to a pretty heavy crossroads. I could either go left and continue to teach, to burden myself with the weight of juggling a full time, high energy career, with a growing small business that embodied every inch of my soul. If I was to go left, I knew that both of those things would suffer. My students would not be getting the best of me and that would be unfair to them. On top of that, my business would be constricted between walls that would never allow it to grow.

If I were to go right, I would be giving up a very stable and reliable career path, one that would be absolutely ideal for when the time comes for my husband and I to have a family. But, I would be able to throw my energy into growing my business. Giving it my all while I really didn’t have anything to lose.

After many, MANY, tear filled nights, whole pots of tea and the differing opinions of disapproving and sceptical people around me, I chose to go right.

And let me tell you. What a freeing moment that was.


Q: What made you leap into turning this passion into a business?

I decided to take that leap for 2 reasons.

1)     I believe with every part of my heart, that Amity is a silent saviour to those in need. My obligation is to educate those around me that taking time for themselves is not selfish, but in fact necessary. On top of that, taking time for ourselves is not hard, it is literally, as easy as sitting down to enjoy a good cup of tea, out of a cup that makes you feel special.

2)     My very supportive husband would most likely go insane if I were to continue being a teacher and moping around all the time haha.


Q: What have you gained since following your dream and creating a business?

A: An endless amount of opportunity has just burst into 2018.  I’m constantly meeting new people who are teaching me amazing things, I’m being inspired and my brand has continued to grow in ways I never imagined. It really is true when they say, close one door and 5 more open (I think that’s how it goes haha).

I have also gained back my sanity. My mental health really did suffer in 2017. I was in a really clouded place in terms of my career, the juggle took a toll that I didn’t imagine and it began to affect every inch of my life. I had become everything I was teaching people not to be. Rushed, impatient and overloaded. Since disconnecting from teaching, I have found myself again and found my purpose.


Q: What do you wish someone told you when you first started on this journey?

A: That you need to invest in yourself, that mind frame is everything and to never, under any circumstance, let the negativity of others control your decisions.

If you believe in yourself and you believe in what you are doing, the rest will work itself out along the way.


Q: Describe your favourite tea blend and the feeling you get when you sip it?

A: If you were to see my tea cupboard, you would know that it’s next to impossible to choose one blend! However, there does seem to be a trend with my favourite choices. To begin with, loose leaf is a must, always! Earl Grey is at the top in my home. Whether infused with vanilla, floral notes of citrus, with milk or without. I am obsessed with it. If I want to be comforted, I have a splash of milk in my tea. Its literally like drinking a liquid hug. Every inch of your body is being warmed by the love and delicate touch of the tea. It has this amazing ability to soothe any trouble, spark hope with all possibilities and create clarity in the toughest of situations.


Q: How was it working with Kira and taking on her Web Design Experience?

A: Kira was absolutely phenomenal to work with. I approached her originally to re do my website and she did such a wonderful job. We clicked right away and I think that is due to her down to earth and approachable personality. She was able to understand my vision and I watched as she brought it to life in such a beautiful way. Not only that, but she has been an ongoing support for many things in my business journey and I am very proud to be a part of her Laptop lifestyle community. I honestly cannot speak more highly of her!


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